Katie Cornwell

SPC Coordinator

(907) 362-2466




The Seward Prevention Coalition was formed in 2005 with the overall mission of partnering to promote all dimensions of wellness through education, advocacy, and support.  The Seward Prevention Coalition is made up of members of the community who represent other organizations, groups, and establishments within Seward, all with a collaborative attitude towards bettering our community.


Early History

During the first 5 years of the Coalition, some very strong programs were selected and implemented. These projects were positive, effective, and very helpful to all those who participated. However, the coalition found they were not affecting change throughout the whole community, which was the initial goal.


So in 2010, the coalition returned to the drawing board to take a look at how we could affect positive change community-wide. Through an in depth community assessment process and strategic planning the coalition implemented new projects that utilize evidence-based practices to address Underage Drinking and Drug Use, which was identified at the most significant problem affecting the health of our community.   

Recent History

Over the next 5 years SPC grew to a place where we felt we had the resources to move out from under our fiscal agent and establish as our own non-profit organization (501c3). By 2016 we had completed the necessary steps to be our own 501c3 and were excited to expand into this new role as an organization. This new status has given us even more room to grow within the community and to serve as the fiscal agent for other groups and programs. Since the formation of our 501c3 we have grown from 1 grant, 1 staff member, 1 program, to 5 grants, 4 staff members, and 8 programs...and growing. Underage Drinking & Drug Use, Sources of Strength, Wellness for All, Diabetes Prevention Program, Seward Strong, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, & Meditation in our Schools. We will continue to add programs based on our mission and resources.


Big Strides

As we continue to survey and evaluate the community we are proud of the direction the Seward Prevention Coalition is headed in and the big strides we are making as a community on the issues of Health & Wellness, Underage Drinking & Drug Use, and Adverse Childhood Experiences.