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Baby Cookies


Because Everyone Deserves To Bloom!

Who We Help + Why It Matters

Bloom provides incredible love, support, education, and resources to new parents and their new babies! Whenever our volunteers show up (known as the “Baby Shower Brigade”) bringing baskets of goodies and support, everyone is always thrilled to see them! 

Bloom helps make sure that parents have everything they need to give their baby a beautiful future. 


This program matters because having a baby – as wonderful as it is – can be one of the most challenging, exhausting, and stress-filled times that a person or a couple will ever face in their lives! Our society doesn’t offer enough education or support about how to cope – and THRIVE – in those first few months and years of the new baby’s journey. So that’s where we step in to help fill the gap!  


We believe that parents aren’t meant to raise their kids all alone! It takes a village! (OR A LOVING BRIGADE in this case!) 


Statistics have shown that when support for parents increases, the likelihood of stress-induced trauma for the whole family goes way down and everyone is happier. Parents are happier, kids thrive. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

Happy Baby
Bloom is a big-hearted support program for kids age 0-5 that: 

Offers “New Baby T.L.C. Visits” – and brings baskets of goodies, educational materials, cute booties, quilts, and much appreciation treats to new parents!

Offers parenting education, and compassionate support, all in the comfort of home.

Can connect  parents with important resources like a lactation coach, the right pediatrician, or anything they need at home. (FOR FREE!) 

Guides parents about child development milestones, what to expect at each age, and how to stay on track! 

Organizes hugely fun Baby Showers each season– where new moms and dad can connect with other parents, make friends, and even stay in touch in our private Facebook group!

Creates a TRUE SENSE OF COMMUNITY for new parents, and vastly improves the lives of new babies!

The Results are AMAZING!

Over 100

Home Visits Every Year!


Baby Baskets we give away each year!


Children helped through our programs.

4 Baby Showers

so there’s a celebration every season!

Moms and Babies
How You Can Help

You can volunteer to be a “fairy godmother or godfather” of the Baby Shower Brigade! 

We are always in need of supporters like you who care about new parents and new babies!

You could bring a basket of love, education, and goodness to new parents, help to set up at one of our Quarterly Baby Showers, organize one of our educational events, or even coordinate calls to a local pediatrician when a family needs your help. There are so many possibilities!


You can donate money here.

Yes, I want to help babies bloom!
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