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Every. Single. Day. 

Our Amazing Programs Are Available + Affordable to EVERYONE! 

We are able to offer our programs at low-cost and no-cost rates thanks to the generosity of heroes like you who volunteer and donate to us. 

Want to be a hero too?
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Be willing to donate an hour of your time in the afternoon if you knew it would help boost a kid’s self-esteem?

Donate $10 of your spare cash if you knew it would help an elderly man take yoga for his back?

Help set up decorations at a Holiday Baking Class to spread holiday cheer?

Want to bring a beautiful basket of goodies to a new mom and baby who will be ecstatic to see you?

YES, volunteering can be that EASY!

It's simple.
It spreads joy & upliftment.
And it's good for your soul!
Super Hero Kids


3 Easy Ways YOU Can Be a Hero

Donate some money to help us run our life-changing programs!

Have an amazing idea that’s not already being done? Propose a NEW PROGRAM to us!

We love bright, new ideas and are serious about wanting to hear yours.

Donate your time (and beautiful spirit) and volunteer for one of our programs!

Yes, I'm ready to use my power to help!
Which Program Speaks to Your Heart?
Sources of Strength

A ground-breaking school program that helps kids in Seward learn critical mental health skills, so they can build resilience, release trauma, and feel emotionally empowered for life! 

Image by Jimmy Dean
Youth 360 Seward

Youth 360 offers life-giving programs that inspire kids and help families bond in healthy, fun ways. 

Couple with Kids
Seward Strong

This program offers pro-active education about how to raise kids in a way that supports their highest wellbeing, and offers inspiring solutions to help prevent + heal trauma. 

Image by Daniil Silantev

Bloom brings T.L.C door-to-door for new parents, and offers joyful education, goodies, and resources to help support babies ages 0- 5 years old. 

Image by Artem Kovalev
Safe Harbor

An advocacy center that gives people experiencing personal violence and abuse the plans, resources, and protections they need to heal and create lives of safety and security.

Children in Yoga Class
Wellness for All

Wellness For All  brings meditation, yoga and other forms of holistic healing to kids and adults alike!

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