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How To Raise Strong Kids and Happy, Thriving Adults

Who We Help + Why It Matters

This incredible program has the power to help us change the patterns we inherited from our parents, and raise happier, healthier, and more resilient kids of our own! 

This program matters because almost ALL of us in our society have experienced childhood trauma. And these negative patterns get passed from parent to child, even in the most loving families. 


This program helps educate people on the effects of childhood trauma, it offers inspiring solutions for healing from negative experiences, and it prevents abuse from occurring in the first place. 


Because of this program, many children will grow up in homes that truly support their wellbeing, and many parents will have the peace of mind to know that they’re giving their kids the brightest future possible.

Family At Church
Seward Strong is a powerful, heart-felt program that:

Organizes Town-Hall meetings about how to raise whole, resilient, happy children.

Helps to de-stigmatize the conversation around mental health, and creates inspiring campaigns to create more open conversation in our community!

Gives compassionate support to parents, and shows simple ways to create more love and peace at home – even in challenging times. 

Trains Nurses, Teachers and Doctors how to be better, compassionate allies to children and families when they’re in need of support.

Champions meditations yoga and holistic stress reduction classes in schools – instead of punishing kids who are carrying stress.   

Encourages mental health to be taken as seriously as physical health! 

The Results are AMAZING!


The number of programs we've  created & implemented in our community that have given meaningful support at hard times.


Households helped in our area with our Bill Relief Program in 2020!


Amount of financial assistance given with our Bill Relief Program in 2020.

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How You Can Help

Come volunteer at one of our incredible events! We are always in need of supporters like you.

You could help us by doing things as simple as making phone calls from home, helping us set up before Town Hall events, and could even help us change public policy if you want to!


You can donate money here.

Yes, I want to help children thrive and be happy!
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