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Youth 360 offers life-giving programs that inspire kids and help families bond in healthy, fun ways. 

The hugely successful program that changed the lives of an entire GENERATION of kids in Iceland -- now comes to ALASKA!

Who We Help + Why It Matters

Youth 360 continues the positive momentum from our program “Sources of Strength!  “Sources Of Strength” teaches kids how to lean on positive sources of support – and Youth 360 makes sure those kinds of support are there for them! 

 (If Sources Of Strength gives kids a map to the treasure, Youth 360 is like the treasure itself!)


This program matters because here in Alaska we have the highest rates of youth suicide, drinking and drug use in the whole country. As a solution, we have adopted a program that was wildly successful in Iceland. Iceland used to have the highest rates of teen substance use in all of Europe, and thanks to this very program, their rates are now the lowest in all of Europe..  


While this program is science-based – it’s the opposite or grim or boring! Think support + sunshine!   

“Youth 360” offers INSPIRING events to encourage kids to express themselves, DREAM BIG, and bond with their families in FUN, HEALTHY ways!

Friends at School

Go to Family Music Jam nights with their families in the woods! These are hugely popular as everyone gets to make new friends, relax, and enjoy the power of music!

Develop expert Kayaking skills from a professional! Teens can even train to be a Professional Kayaking Guide if they’d like to start a career as a pro guide! (Yes, it’s 100% free).

Have fun and build resilience by taking Outdoor Survival Lessons with their friends!

Roll some cookie dough at a Holiday Cooking Class with their family, and enjoy the magic of the season!

Have a blast at our Family Soccer Nights and Sports Events. Such a great way to bond with family AND get health benefits! 

Attend a Family Painting Party, where they can also bond with their families, paint, and laugh a lot too. 

And express their feelings, stretch their imagination, and DREAM BIG in our “Write Your Own Stories” Creative Writing Workshops

Get free mental health-screenings at our Health Center whenever they need them!

Can learn how to help themselves or others in crisis by training in “Mental Health First-Aid.”

The Results are AMAZING!


Youth 360 is actually based on a program that had massive success in Iceland.


In the 90’s Iceland had the highest teen drinking and drug use rates in the world, and by using this program they lowered the rates from 50%....all the way down to 5% in just over ten years!


We do a yearly data survey that gives us concrete PROOF that our programs are dramatically helping kids in Seward.


THIS MEANS THAT POSITIVE CHANGE CAN ABSOLUTELY HAPPEN -- it’s now happening here in Seward too!

Teen study group
How You Can Help

Come volunteer at one of our incredible events! We are always in need of supporters like you.

You could help to set up before sports games, cooking nights or painting classes. All of these roles are crucial to our events happening!


You can donate money here.

Yes I Want To Bring Fun + Joy To My Community!
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