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School Kids Meditating


Because Everyone Can Live A Vibrant Life!

Who We Help + Why It Matters

Wellness For All  offers a wide-variety of meditation, yoga and holistic healing classes so adults and children can all release stress, and lead happier, more grounded lives! 

This program matters because stress relief is no joke! Experts deem stress to be the #1 cause of physical and mental health problems in modern life. And so anything that helps people to release stress, and feel more balanced, is a crucial necessity in these times! 


Our Meditation Classes in schools have been having incredible success in reducing behavioral problems in kids, as very often these problems are directly linked to high stress levels. 


We even train teachers to become official “Mindful Teachers” – and when there are enough of these amazing teachers in our schools, the schools officially become a Certified “Mindful School!” This is a change we’re very excited about as it means that schools are moving away from disciplining kids who are having problems – and instead are seeking to actually HELP them holistically. Everyone really CAN live a vibrant life!

Meditation Class
Thanks to this amazing program, adults and kids can: 

Learn how to quiet their mind, reduce anxiety, and release stress with Meditation.

Develop more flexibility and focus by taking Yoga.

Can learn how to help themselves or others in crisis by training in “Mental Health First-Aid.”

Learn how to release critical thoughts, and develop better self-esteem through Mindfulness Practices.

Make new friends in a peaceful, harmonious environment.

Learn about the power of deep breathing for relaxation, in Breathwork classes.

Take fun specialty workshops in other healing arts styles, such as Martial Arts

Take classes on ZOOM OR IN-PERSON! 

Champions meditation, yoga, and holistic stress reduction classes in schools – which reduces negative behaviors in the classroom by kids who are carrying stress.  

The Results are AMAZING!


local teachers trained in our Mindful Schools method.


of students trained in Mindfulness.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses offered each year.


adults are now living more vibrant lives through Mindfulness practices.

Martial Arts Class
How You Can Help

Come volunteer to help organize or set-up at one of our incredible events! We are always in need of supporters like you.

You can volunteer to teach a class of your own if you’re a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, or another kind of holistic practitioner. We’d love to know about your work, so don’t be shy!


You can donate money here.

Yes I Want To Help Others Live A Vibrant Life!
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